Moving Website to SquareSpace

My pursuit of a sustainable website has lead me here.  Today I realized the theme on the previous website broke after a WordPress version update.  I was able to fix a few items rather easily, but some layout elements just would not work.  I've had this happen with WordPress in the past and today I've had enough. 

Because of that I fired up my SquareSpace trial and gave it it a test.  I'm happy to find several features I was struggling to get WordPress to do reliably.  The biggest feature to catch my attention is crossposting on social media.  With SquareSpace I can write once and post everywhere I want.  This includes Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  That feature alone was enough to sell me.  Along with these pushing post features, I'm able to embed Twitter, Instagram, and other social content directly on my website.  The last feature I'll mention is the Blog mobile app and bookmarklet.  This will put my blog in my hands where ever I find the desire to post.

It's not that WordPress can't do those things.  It's the amount of time I'll spend researching those pieces, installing them, maintaining them, and using them.  With SquareSpace it's super easy to setup, and I don't have to maintain or update a thing.  I'm excited to make the move and I think the site will reflect that.  

Brad Schneider