FreshPing - Free web service monitoring & status page


This is for the IT departments and network administrators out there. I’ve been a long time user of FreshWorks ITSM Service Desk products to efficiently run my IT department. Two weeks ago I was excited to set up their new service called FreshPing to monitor a number of our primary online services. The results were immediate when our MDM provider suffered 3 hours and 10 minutes of downtime over a weekend. I was alerted and knew there could be some related help desk tickets as a result. By Sunday afternoon I could verify via our new status page that everything was up, stable, and ready to go for Monday morning.

Many know that a common part of troubleshooting technical problems is to check the availability of web services your organization uses. To that end, many tech companies offer status pages that reflect whether a service is up or down. For example, Apple’s System Status Page, Google’s Status Dashboard, or AWS Service Health Dashboard. These status pages give our support staff a quick place to spot check services before deep diving into a support ticket. These tools are also available for smaller organizations to create a status page of services unique to their organization.

FreshPing Status Page

The people at Freshworks recently acquired and launched a service called FreshPing. Using the free tier of FreshPing we can add up to 50 services to monitor. These services can be monitored using ICMP ping, HTTP/HTTPS, TCP, UDP, web sockets, or DNS. Once set up the service can be monitored in 1 or 5 minute intervals. Other features include alerts, 6 months of history, handy statistics and status pages.

I’ve since added the link to our status page on our website for staff to check if they like. Sometimes little features like these can go a long way to building confidence in the technology we use and support.

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